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Ahmadi Music Group

“Music in Shakespeare; Shakespeare in Music” presented by the Ahmadi Musical Group.
It is noted that the Ahmadi Music Group is the oldest and largest orchestra that has performed concerts in Kuwait since 1955, as there are recordings of its concerts since that date and till this day, except for the invasion period.
Today, the Ahmadi Musical Group includes a choir and a symphony orchestra, in addition to the Messila Chamber Music Group, the Kuwait Jazz Band, the Ahmadi Youth Orchestra, the Choir Show, and the Messila Beach Blues Band.
Ahmadi Music Group presents music interpretations of Shakespeare in opera, drama, and recitation. Experience some of the ways that Shakespeare enhanced his dramas with music and that musicians interpreted and illuminated his texts with music. The concert will include music by Verdi, Donizetti, Harriet Bushman, and others.


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