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Dr. Ziad Sayid Rajab. Important Manuscripts in the Tareq Rajab Museum


Dr Ziad Rajab is the director of the New English School and a Tareq Rajab Museum board member. In addition to being a human resource specialist, he is involved in the arts, and has non-professional certifications in bookbinding, illumination, portraiture, oil painting and pottery. He is also an accomplished flautist. Important

Manuscripts in the Tareq Rajab Museum: The lives of the calligraphers

Calligraphy has been considered a high art form in the Islamic world from the earliest days, with a particular flowering during the Abbasid Empire. At that time, calligraphers were revered and respected much as artists were in Italy during the Renaissance. The caliphs were often great patrons of the arts and would hold their calligraphers in high esteem. Indeed, in certain Islamic periods and realms, calligraphy was considered an art fit for a king.
Certain calligraphers stand out in their contribution to the art and in the perfection of their skill and talent. Being so close to the rulers, some of the more famous calligraphers lived through turbulent and dangerous times.
In this talk, a selection of manuscripts/ books from the Tareq Rajab Museum will be presented along with a look at the author and the life of that author.



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