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Embassy of India: ‘The Rhythm of Kathak’


‘The Rhythm of Kathak’ featuring sarangi musician Murad Ali Khan and classical Kathak danseuse Mahua Shankar.

Born into a family of musicians originally from Moradabad, Murad Ali Khan is a sixth generation sarangi player. He is presently regarded as one of the leading sarangi players of the younger generation, and comes from a lineage of renowned sarangi players, musicologists and gurus of the Moradabad Gharana.

Mahua Shankar is a classical Kathak danseuse and has been a performing artist for over a decade. She is an extraordinary young dancer, adding the subtle innovation of the kathak repertoire while preserving the tenets of the classical style. Her enchanting stage presence has earned acclamation for her intense, sensitive and graceful Kathak presentations.

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