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Tour Organised by Christie’s

Via Garibaldi, the grandiose “New Street of 16th -century Genoa competes with any European City in number of palaces in one street. It is interesting to find that it is still occupied by the same families whose ancestors had build the houses. The tour that was organised by Christie’s , the renowned auction house in London, led twenty art collectors to the exhibitions and private collectors in that exceptional neighbourhood. It started with Palazzo Bianco which hosts that most magnificent of European paintings of Carvaggio, Van Dyck and Rubens. Palazzo Nicolosio Lomellino hosted the exhibition of Ottoman Art from public and private collection, most important of the latter’s is Bruschettini foundation. Palazzo Spinola, Palazzo of Elena Adorno Chiavari and Palazzo Doris Spinola were the homes of most warm people who personally showed us their private collections and took us on tours to view the frescos that adorned the walls and ceiling of their palaces. The day was full of excitement.


October 3rd 2014

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